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How to Operation multifunction roll to roll heat press machiCategory

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How to Operation multifunction roll to roll heat press machine?

  Roll to roll heat press machine multifunction smart energy-saving technology,
intelligent controller, auto repair flatness and other advanced technology, good
temperature stability, temperature balance, simple operation; excellent quality,
manufactured from a professional; win the market, beer from customers; high
stability, high quality results, is the key to digital printing and artwork copy!
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Tell you about the following simple method of operation multifunction Roll to roll heat press machine:

1. Make sure the machine is well grounded and power connections are correct, then press the "Power" button, then press the start button frequency, press the green button on the fixed line frequency keyboard, the frequency modulation in the appropriate position;
2. Verify that the heating cylinder is rotated after pressing the "heating" button, the temperature is set at an appropriate value, when the temperature is applied to the set value, wait for the temperature controller since the entire thermostat, do a little test, the detected temperature is too high or too low to do the adjustment, to ensure the quality of a large number of transfer;
3. In the pre-transfer, should put pressure on the host Cots pressed against blanket belt, pay attention to the same pressure on both sides;
4. on the table and host pressing the corresponding position paper flowers and put away the liner, then put pieces of clothing or a piece of cloth;
5. When backing transferred host, put it on the wound after the host Shaft, let automatic winding, the pieces of clothing or piece of cloth exported in the conveyor belt;
6. In the transfer process, the customer can turn the barrel, according to the printed pattern color depth to adjust the level of speed, but also adjust the operating speed of the drum;
7. After the transfer of work, should be turned off "heating" button, so that the host rotary cooling, cooling temperature to transfer half of the temperature, it can shut down, someone turned on the machine must do their duties, if they are a special case, the "total power" and "warm" buttons simultaneously to switch off, when the host is in automatic cooling state, will stop on its own fixed line to a certain time;
8. When a power cut situation, and the machine and in the post-high-temperature state, turn the hand wheel at the top of the chassis immediately make blanket with heat from the cylinder, while blanket between the belt and the roller clamp on cardboard and other heat-resistant barrier article.
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