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Common Questions of heat transferCategory

Time:2016-02-03 17:30Source:Guangzhou Elephant Digital Technology Co., Ltd.Read:

There are some common questions and Note about heat transfer paper for T-shirt

        1.The color is light:
        In the Process of heat transfer, Color will be lost.First of all, Please adjust the picture of brightness,contrast and the color of depth in photoshop.You will get the effect what you want.Other,Don't transfer the just printed paper immediately on the fabric. Please let it to dry for a period of 3 to 8 minutes (According to the climate of your local). The process can make the ink penetration into the heat transfer paper about 5 minutes.Transfer time maybe so long lead to the color is light,You can cut the transfer time and raise the temperature to have a try. In Addition,Heat transfer paper can be used only one-time,Don't repeat use.
   2.The design haven't transfer on the fabric:
     Maybe the pressure isn't enough, the low of transfer Tem or the transfer time isn't enough. First of all,Please raise the temperature and time to have a try,Also please check the print surface is opposite.

          3.Lost color:
           Ink you using isn't original ink or the ink haven't permeate into the paper, Another is printed clothes,Please don't wash immediately.Please flipped the clothes and wash it after 24 hours. At the same time,Please increase the transfer of TEM,Time and Pressure will prevent discoloration.

          4.Lost color when you washing:
It is relate to transfer paper and ink.Because of dye ink easily dissolved in water,Pigment ink will be better than dye ink.


               This is the ultraviolet ray in sunlight to makes it fade,It isn't relate with transfer paper,Except transfer ink.The bad ink haven't add any UV resistance,It will fade soon.