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How to identify the quality of sublimation paper?Category

Time:2016-01-27 13:01Source:Guangzhou Elephant Digital Technology Co., Ltd.Read:

Sublimation colorful, rich, and its quality results can be comparable with the printing, sublimation transfer principle is at a high temperature by sublimation thermal transfer ink that penetrate objects, colorful images condensate after the formation. Therefore, durable heat transfer products rather than fade, the image will not fall off, cracking and fading. Here's the pros and cons of digital sublimation transfer paper quality some comments:


First. Transfer Rate

Transfer rate is a basic performance efficiency of the transfer paper, is the difference between ordinary inkjet paper features good transfer rate can be transferred object colors better communicate and save ink.

Second. Ink compatibility

As thermal paper production enterprises, the production of thermal transfer paper transfer ink to adapt as much as possible to meet such a variety of sublimation transfer paper coating inks suitable solubility, the ink pattern on the transfer sheet can be both Exquisite reflected through the coating but not so in the end caused the paper under the transfer rate.

Third. Drying rate

Fast drying undoubtedly allows users easy to use, you can easily print continuously improve the speed of delivery. Print speed is a parameter transfer paper production enterprises to track printer speed increasing, the world famous manufacturer of transfer paper drying speed is as follows :( surface hygrometer method)


Fourth. Warping and warping time

The transfer paper is a coated paper, inconsistent coating layer and the bottom sheet in the dry and hot stretching rate will result in one-sided warp warped when the transfer paper will cause inconvenience to the following:


1. Printer feed inconvenience. (Room temperature drying warping)


2. When large quantities of printed sheets piled up, leaving the finishing buckling due to the inconvenience. (Room temperature drying warping)


3. The thermal transfer paper before warping due cause with the fabric of the place allowed to cause transfer failure. (Room temperature drying warping)


4. thermal transfer press, the transfer paper roll will transfer warping caused by dislocation transfer failure. (High warp)

Fifth. Print wrinkling Sassafras nozzle


Transfer requirements wrinkled paper ink-jet type as small as possible, severe wrinkling paper when printing is likely to be arch Sassafras nozzle, especially Sassafras nozzle large paper roughness more harm to the delicate nozzle ( Some enterprises in order to reduce the cost of adding the coating formulation roughness inorganic powder, so that the transfer paper surface like sandpaper.). The main way to reduce wrinkling transfer paper from the paper started, wrinkling hour paper coating, printing on small wrinkles, followed by improving the coating formulations in order to achieve the purpose of reducing wrinkling.


Transfer coating formulation selected nano materials to ensure the transfer paper surface smoothness in three seconds or more, and will not harm the nozzle.

Sixth. Paper impurity spots


Spot transfer paper surface (impurities points) is an important indicator of the transfer paper, these spots may occur in the base paper, it may also produce the coating or production process, solid spot serious harm to print large area, but for fancy print Has little effect. Domestic Transfer widespread problem spot, for the elimination of the spots have done a lot of research work on the Elimination of spots and done a lot of efforts, from paper to coating formulations and production processes have strict regulations and control, per square meter but may still have one or two spots, with the equipment put into operation and the transformation of the new formula is expected to eliminate the spots reached the international advanced level.


Seventh. The stability of quality


One is easy to use and stable quality as an important indicator, the transfer paper surface quality and the user's ink, print data set, the transfer machine parameter settings much related volatility transfer paper surface quality or changing the force end-user to follow adjustments, such as the original color calibration needs to be redone, the original sample has been provided to the printing client can not reproduce and can only redo and so on, so end customers are very stable and consistent quality needs, producers must attach great importance to the transfer paper This is because only the quality and stability to win a number of consistent it may belong to your loyal customers.

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