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Why sublimation printed textile will be dizzy, fading afterCategory

Time:2016-08-04 19:03Source:Guangzhou Elephant Digital Technology Co., Ltd.Read:

  Why sublimation printed textile will be dizzy, fading after a period of time?
Often, we have such problem that if there is something wrong with the ink when they found the printed textile fading.
But after check ink, paper, machine, we can not  find out the root cause, after final test for fabrics, fabrics found appear this kind of problem basically is with nylon (polyamide) fabrics,
Here i will tell you that nylon (polyamide) fabric cloth is not suitable for
sublimation heat transfer printing, Next is the introduction why nylon (polyamide) fabric can not do sublimation heat transfer printing, hope can help you!
Reason: after thermal transfer printing, nylon (polyamide) fabric will fade after a period of time, design is relatively easy to generate "demitint", i.e., with the passage of time, the sublimation thermal transfer printing ink will slowly fade, by the original bright beautiful color gradually becoming dim lacklustre. On the edge of the printing design, due to the mutual bleeding, lead to design fuzzy. Generally a piece of nylon fabric after do heat transfer printing, can reach the same effect as the polyester fabric, feeling vivid and soft, but after a while, maybe 7 days, or one week, you can see the nylon fabric will fade, sometimes also can maintain more than a month do not fade, this leads to a lot of printing plant or garment factory produce "try"
Nylon (nylon) fabrics do sublimation heat transfer printing, is a more esoteric subject, too many researcher do research and exploration, but still  has not yet to see one, which can dare to say: we have solved the nylon fabric (nylon) sublimation heat transfer printing technology.

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