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Why sublimation machine in winter is prone to failure?Category

Time:2016-01-27 12:52Source:Guangzhou Elephant Digital Technology Co., Ltd.Read:

For photo machine, the new and old customers will feel if this is in the winter cold climates, pictorial machine, inkjet printing devices which will be very prone to large and small faults. Why pictorial machine at a winter climate will be prone to malfunction? Which of the photo machine printing equipment factors unfavorable winter weather environment?
From our winter climate analysis, the north-south differences in climate, particularly large temperature difference. North temperature is relatively low, almost all at zero. Printing industry do not like most of the season is winter, because of the low temperature of the environment, not only affect the printing effect, and photo machine itself is prone to failure. Climatic conditions such as low temperatures will likely lead to increased ink viscosity, photo machine prone to "false blocking" phenomenon in high-speed printing process, affecting the printout photo machine, in order to better prevent ink by low temperature climate, Original ink manufacturers recommend that you choose, do not unauthorized use of non-specified by the manufacturer or other poor quality ink ink, because the manufacturers are genuine ink through different low temperature environmental testing to verify, more effectively guarantee the smooth ink and usability.
In addition, dry conditions in winter weather, the factors photo machine normal printing is affected. Such as photo machine printouts, the print media can not quickly absorb ink, the ink solvent evaporation is slower, "piling" problems. Dried material easily lead to an inkjet process while Alice, especially after Alice pp paper friction sprinklers, nozzles and can cause serious damage to the machine.
In the southern winter environment will Thus, although the South than the North winter temperatures warmer temperatures, but the same cold temperature environment. Meanwhile, south of the winter air humidity, especially in the South will be common in winter drizzle weather, the air comes with drops of water, pictures of the working environment is easy to damp. For example, pictures of print media stored if care is not good, it is easy to damp, after pictures of printouts ink dries slow, easy to form a droplet on the media, affecting image quality.
The last point is that the factors affecting static pictures of winter, pay attention to good protective measures to prevent electrostatic photo machine, such as a properly grounded wire and so on.
Overall, the winter why Photo opportunity prone to failure, that is, the temperature in winter, the effect of temperature on the photo machine environment.
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