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The weather turned cold, how to maintain the printer head?Category

Time:2016-01-28 19:19Source:Guangzhou Elephant Digital Technology Co., Ltd.Read:

The weather turned cold, how to maintain the printer head?

1, the temperature below 10 ℃, the printer will appear blurry ghosting phenomenon, which
is made virtual and ink nozzle caused by poor fluency
Workaround: open heating or heat lamp to keep the ink flowing (15 ℃ ~ 35 ℃)
The print blurred, with a hairdryer blowing nozzle (1-2) minutes, blowing position in the
nozzle side, which is encoded by one side as shown in the nozzle, even blowing about
can be solved
2, before the holidays to clean ink stack, comprising: a blade, ink around the ink pad, ink
mud clean; bearing, track, on a small amount of gear oil or lubricants. Done more than you
can make a test strip, no problem to put around the bottom of the ink nozzles are clean, and
let the nozzle back to the warehouse with the ink-pad overlap, you can shut down!
3, after the holiday back, not the first time boot. Because inside the ink tube and nozzle ink
may have icing, then we want to raise the room temperature to about 20 ℃ degrees, put 2-3
hours, and then observe the status of the ink tube and nozzle, if then not necessary Place a
little longer time, you want the job inside the ink is completely thawed, then duct blowing about
Focus: After thawing ink to stand for 24 hours in order not to affect the print (fluency in 15
Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius)